In times like these it really shows how thankful we always should be for our health and fitness, for the convenienant luxury of having access to food at any time, the peace and freedom we live in, for all the amazing experiences and travels we are privileged to do, the beautiful world we live in. That’s not to be taken for granted. In times like these it comes down what really counts. And I truly hope we can go through this together with true solidarity, wise behaviour, trust, respect and love!

Almost all public live is being shut down. Kindergarten are closed.
For me that means doing some creative stuff together with my little one. Didn’t know that building blocks can truly inspire for artwork 😉
We also filled up storage to being able to live 2-3 weeks without shopping.
I try to see the beauty in everything to keep myself superpositive. Spring is here and its lovely to watch all the colors and voices coming back after a very grey winter. We will spend as much time as we can in the nature to reconnect and fill up our body with sun and fresh air. Once in a while a little run for me with jogging stroller. Some pushups maybe, too 😉

I do still hope for a joyful triathlon season as I love this time of the year so much.

But the only important thing right now is that all of us stay healthy and that we go through this strongly and united with maybe even a changed lifestyle and mindset. Let’s take the chance to stand together. Keep up the love and trust!! And please please please stay healthy and positive!

Big hugs,